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Gunite nozzles are used by gunite nozzlemen

What are Gunite Nozzles?

Gunite nozzles are tools that are unique to gunite construction, in which gunite material - a dry (or damp) mixture of sand and cement - is conveyed by air to the body of the gunite nozzles. Qualified gunite nozzlemen hold the nozzles during operation and use a separate valve attached to a water source to control the amount of water coming into the body of these gunite nozzles. Gunite nozzles allows the water and gunite material to mix within the body and tip of the gunite nozzles to create a "mortar" (basically wet concrete).


This is a continuous process where gunite material enters the nozzles, mixing with the water, quickly traveling through the gunite nozzles and out the tip of the gunite nozzles. The job of the gunite nozzlemen is to ensure the quality of the wet material by communicating the need for more or less gunite material coming into the gunite nozzles and by selecting the right amount of water coming into the gunite nozzles. As the gunite material exits the nozzle tip, the nozzlemen aim the gunite nozzles and "shoot" the mortar at the construction surface, such as swimming pool, or retaining wall, and may use other recommended or specified techniques during shooting to ensure quality of the gunite construction. 

Gunite Nozzles

GSW manufactures gunite nozzles for gunite contractors, especially gunite pool builders. We also offer a complete line of parts for gunite nozzles. GSW manufactures complete assemblies for our gunite nozzles, including liners for gunite nozzles, tips for gunite nozzles, options for the nozzle body, water rings for gunite nozzles, backup washers for gunite nozzles. GSW also provides all the necessary plumbing parts and fittings for complete gunite nozzles. 

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