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The GSW Gunite Nozzle

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Gunite Shotcrete Warehouse (GSW) offers a line of gunite nozzles based on gunite customer feedback and field experience from gunite crews across the USA. The GSW 2” gunite nozzles are an assembly including every gunite nozzle part needed to create the perfect combination of dry gunite materials (sand and cement) with water, whether shooting gunite pools or other gunite structures. All 2” ID gunite nozzles are available with either a long or short style gunite nozzle tip, made of steel. The gunite nozzle tip has male threads and is made to connect to the gunite nozzle body. To extend the service life of the gunite nozzle tip, a rubber gunite nozzle liner fits inside the gunite nozzle tip. Although the gunite nozzle liner is a wear part, this GSW gunite nozzle liner features an exclusive formulation for long service life to give our gunite customers/gunite contractors more efficiency. The gunite nozzle body has female threads to connect to the gunite nozzle tip. The gunite nozzle body includes a critical component of the system, which is the water port. This ½” inlet allows water to enter the gunte nozzle body and mix with the gunite material also coming though the gunite nozzle. An aluminum water ring is used to achieve this “almost instant” mixing action in the gunite nozzle. The water ring is seated within the gunite nozzle body, contains small holes to allow water to pass through and spins when the gunite nozzle is in operation by a skilled gunite nozzleman. A rubber washer is also placed inside the back of the gunite nozzle body to provide a seal between the connection of the nozzle body and hose coupling, which in turn connects to the gunite hose.

gunite nozzle

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