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What are Gunite Finishing Tools?

gunite rod

Finishing tools are used by gunite and shotcrete contractors during construction to shape, cut, smooth or otherwise manipulate the wet concrete on the construction surface after the concrete material has been applied.  After the gunite or shotcrete is applied, gunite and shotcrete contractors use many types of finishing tools to work the wet concrete into the desired angles, edges and to evenly distribute the wet concrete in a particular section of the construction. It is important to note that many times the work of the gunite/shotcrete crew with finishing tools is not the final product. For example, another contractor may add a layer of plaster, tile, decorative touches or other materials. So, the term "finishing tools" can be somewhat misleading. 

Gunite and shotcrete finishing tools refer to those tools used in completing the gunite/shotcrete stage of the concrete project. Gunite finishing tools allow skilled gunite finishers to exhibit the full artistry of their craft on the gunite project. Gunite Shotcrete finishing tools include gunite finishing rods, also known as smoother rods or shotcrete cutting rods; gunite fresnos, also known as gunite fresno trowels. More examples of finishing tools include, hand trowels, pool trowels, gunite brooms, rebound shovels, gunite wire, also known as shotcrete shooting wire.

 Finishing Tools

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