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About Gunite Shotcrete Warehouse 

Meet The Team



Greg Althammer is owner, lead sales and warehouse manager for GSW. Greg oversees the business operations and complete gunite product line for the company while closely serving customers through personalized support and problem solving to ensure customer satisfaction.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)



Michelle Byrd Althammer is co-owner, order specialist and administrative manager for GSW. Michelle supports top-level business decisions, processes gunite customer orders and manages accounting responsibilities to ensure efficient operations and health of the business.



Jennifer Smith is engineering director, purchasing manager and inventory specialist for GSW. Jennifer plans and directs engineering projects, builds and maintains relationships with vendors and develops procedures to effectively manage and maintain gunite product inventory.



Todd Ferguson is marketing director, gunite product specialist and warehouse support for GSW. Todd oversees promotion and advertising to support sales and branding efforts, manages gunite product specifications and supports order processing to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Your business is personal to us!

Owner President

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Why choose GSW?

Response Time - We are one call away every day, ready to provide you with answers and solutions.


Family Company - We are an established company backed by a family commitment to treating you right.


Innovative Products  - Not satisfied with the same old thing, we aim to increase product longevity and usefulness.


Experienced Staff - Combining decades of experience in engineering, operations and gunite product support.

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