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The GSW gunite rod is available in four sizes to meet the needs of the gunite finishing crew.

gunite finishing crew with gunite rod
What is a gunite rod?

Gunite Finishing Rods - The workhorse of the gunite finishing crew, finishing rods are referred to by many different names. Some of the most notable include the plural gunite finishing rods, shotcrete rods, smoother rods*, cutting rods, hand screeds or conrods or singular gunite rod, finishing rod, fin rod, shotcrete rod, concrete rod, conrod, concrete hand screed for concrete work or straight edge screed. General concrete contractors can take advantage of this tool designed for the gunite and shotcrete industry to replace their aluminum concrete straight edges used in concrete flat work. 


Gunite rods are specifically used to reduce (ie cut) excess concrete down to a consistent elevation, shape walls and edges into precise angles, create a smooth concrete surface or prepare the concrete for another layer, such as a plaster coat. Gunite rods consist of a body and a blade.


The body is made of aluminum and includes spaces that serve as handles. This aluminum body is made hollow inside to achieve a lightweight tool and has angled ends to fit into tight spaces and corners of the wet concrete. These angled ends of the gunite rod are filled in/closed off to prevent concrete from entering inside the hollow space of the gunite rod.


Attached to the end of the gunite rod body is a blade designed to effectively pass through the wet concrete, "cutting" and "smoothing" it as the gunite finisher desires. The blade on the gunite rod is typically made of a spring steel or similar material and can be replaced if necessary.

Note on "smoother rods." This term is used by the higher priced "Kraft Tool" brand.

This page has been reviewed by Subject Matter Expert (SME) - Todd Ferguson, gunite, shotcrete and masonry industry freelance writer.

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GSW Gunite Rods

Aluminum cutting rods for concete, shotcrete and gunite contactors

The Gunite rod is used by a qualified gunite finisher to cut wet concrete/gunite down to a even elevation, provide equal distance on walls and other areas, shape corners and to simply prepare the concrete for another layer, such as plaster. Gunite rods have a body and a blade. Left hollow inside for lightweight, the aluminum body includes handles and angled ends to fit into tight spaces.  Made of a spring steel or similar metal, the blade on the gunite rod is designed to slice or cut through wet concrete / wet gunite and is not excessivly sharp to the skin.  

The gunite rod made by Gunite Warehouse is always quality manufactured and we get them shipped right to the jobsite quick. Las varillas de gunita de Gunite Warehouse están fabricadas con calidad y las enviamos rápidamente al lugar de trabajo.


GSW Gunite Rods

Featuring the GSW gunite rod concrete hand screed made of lightweight, durable aluminum with handles. Each gunite rod is crafted for performance on the gunite jobsite. Gunite Rods are also known as Shotcrete rods, concrete smoother rods, conrods, gunite finishing rods, hand screeds or gunite cutting rods. These gunite finishing tools are used to help give shape to the wet concrete on gunite construction projects, especially gunite pools.

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