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The Gunite Shotcrete Warehouse (GSW) is your source for gunite parts and shotcrete accessories, including gunite machine parts, gunite nozzles, gunite hose, gunite hose couplings, finishing tools, gunite rodgunite wire, shotcrete nozzles, shotcrete hose and related gunite tools and shotcrete accessories. Our goal is to provide the most exceptional experience for our gunite and shotcrete customers to establish your loyalty. 

Featured Gunite Parts

GSW is always working to develop, find and create innovative gunite parts and shotcrete products to keep offering gunite contractors stronger gunite tools, faster service, easier communication and more efficient gunite parts and shotcrete accessories built for your success.

gunite pool & gunite nozzleman
"GSW has been a breath of fresh air for me. Greg seems to know what is going on with my company before I do!"

Bill H.

gunite nozzleman

When gunite contactors are in need of a replacement gunite machine part, gunite finishing tool, gunite hose, gunite nozzle, shotcrete nozzle, shotcrete hose, gunite hose coupling, shotcrete hose clamp, other gunite tools or shotcrete accessories, the Gunite Shotcrete Warehouse (GSW) is ready to answer your call!


Gunite  & Shotcrete Definition

Shotcrete, gunite, or sprayed concrete is concrete or mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique, first used in 1907 invented by Carl Akeley. It is typically reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers.

Gunite Pool Contractors

Gunite pool contractors benefit from the GSW gunite parts available for gunite pool construction projects throughout the USA. Our gunite parts warehouse contains the tools and accessories you need to keep working on your gunite pool job. From our midwest gunite warehouse we can ship your material delivery gunite hose, a replacement gunite hose coupling, gunite nozzle parts or a complete gunite nozzle assembly. Order a full range of gunite finishing tools, including the GSW gunite rod, gunite fresno, gunite trowel, gunite broom and gunite rebound shovel. GSW also specializes in replacement gunite machine parts, such as the GSW urethane rotary gun wear pad and gunite machine felt seal. Gunite pool contractors have a partner in GSW for quality gunite parts backed customer service from gunite subject matter experts.

gunite nozzleman
gunite finishing

GSW is your source for gunite parts, but...

What is gunite?

There are two main things that differentiate gunite from concrete. Firstly, unlike concrete, which uses large and small aggregates, gunite only uses small particles. The other difference is down to when you add the water. As we stated earlier, concrete comes ready mixed. With gunite, on the other hand, a dry mix is fired through a hose with the water being added at the point of delivery. Thanks to Aqua Blue Pools for this gunite content. Still want to know more about  Gunite? Read more about gunite.

"Gunite" defined

Often regarded as the authority on all matters of shotcrete, the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) defines "gunite" as "dry-mix shotcrete." Although this hasn't really caught on in the gunite industry, "dry-mix" is a term that is used in more technical shotcrete circles, by high profile, often multi-national, companies who perform critical shotcrete repair projects on tunnels, bridges, columns, underwater and other projects of that high caliber. But for the typical gunite crew in the USA, gunite is still "gunite", period. In any case the ASA defines dry-mix shotcrete, aka "gunite" as the following:

"Pre-blended dry or damp materials are placed into the delivery equipment. Compressed air conveys material through a hose at high velocity to the nozzle, where water is added. Material is consolidated on the receiving surface by the high-impact velocity."


gunite nozzleman
gunite nozzleman building gunite pool

Gunite Description #76

As the water meets the dry material at the gunite nozzle, the nozzle man safely and skillfully must direct the high velocity sprayed material distributing it onto the #swimmingpool construction shell. The resulting wet material is akin to concrete, although it does not contain any large aggregates/rocks. The material is better described as mortar or even "gunite" because the word gunite is used to refer to the complete process just described but it is also used as a name for the material itself.

from: Gunite Application, Commercial Swimming Pool, #Gunite Nozzle

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