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Simple Gunite Nozzle body

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

GSW offers a rudimentary style nozzle body for the contractor who appreciates a very straight forward, no nonsense approach to their gunite parts. This simplified gunite nozzle body does not have the holes and plugs on the side as the standard nozzle has. Also the 1/2" water connection is welded on versus the standard gunite nozzle body design which has the water inlet included in the casting of the nozzle body. The real advantage of the basic style nozzle body from GSW is cost/price. Let's face it. So, this gunite nozzle body allows GSW to offer a couple of different price points. At the time of this blog post, the nozzle body is completing field testing. We hope to include an update soon after we get feedback from our gunite contractor customers about the performance of this GSW basic gunite nozzle body.

gunite nozzle body - basic style

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