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Gunite Parts - GSW partners with customers to build a better gunite part

Updated: May 2, 2023

GSW is always looking to add more gunite parts to our warehouse to serve the needs of gunite contractors in the US and our expanding Intl. customer base for gunite parts. We would love to know any priority gunite parts that you are looking for. That is, which gunite parts do you need the most, run out of too quickly or maybe even wish that someone would make custom for you? GSW has some good sources for product development so if you don't see a gunite part that you want, let us know! The chances are if you have a strong need for a particular gunite part and see a future need for it in your company, then we could be a great resource for sourcing that gunite parts or developing a new gunite part for you.

Take one of our gunite parts, the gooseneck assembly, for example. Right from the start GSW designed this gunite part from customer feedback. The GSW gooseneck gunite part is designed "short and straight" to meet customer preference. This design prolongs the life of both the gooseneck liner in this gunite part and the connecting gunite hose by minimizing the hose bend. The design prolongs the service life of the gunite part compared to other gooseneck gunite parts from other manufacturers.

gunite part - gooseneck
gunite part - gooseneck

But we didnt stop there! GSW continued to improve this gunite part based on more customer feedback. Our customer came to us looking for an improvement to the goosneck gunite part. It seems that when gunite contractors use this gunite part, the interior liner can too easily move out of place during operation. The compressed air in the system can actually blow the liner right out of the gooseneck! Not a very effective gunite part, right? It turns out customers have been modifying each gooseneck gunite part by drilling a hole in the gooseneck

and adding a bolt to secure the liner in place. Such an obvious change was needed to the gooseneck gunite part yet surprisingly no gunite manufacturers had responded to update their design. That is until GSW came along! We listened to this customer and knowing that other customers are faced with the same challenge on their gunite parts, we made the change to the design of all GSW goosenecks going forward.

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