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Gunite Hose Couplings - Advantages

Updated: May 2, 2023

In the world of gunite, contractors and gunite pool builders count on the fact that they can add, change or replace their gunite hose couplings anytime they need to, including on the jobsite. The control the gunite contractor has over their gunite hose couplings is a definite advantage compared to other methods of placing concrete, such as shotcrete applications or concrete pumping. Shotcrete contractors use "wet-mix" hoses with fairly permanent hose couplings, which require shop/warehouse tools and machinery to assemble. Also concrete pumpers use a very similar hose but the main difference is the hoses used by concrete pumpers are typically larger diameter than shotcrete hoses.

Regardless of the hose diameter, the "wet-mix" hose typically includes a "swedged" hose fitting, most often referred to as "heavy duty end," which has a lip for a clamp connection. Shotcrete contractors and concrete pumpers use their wet-mix hoses to pump or "shoot" a wet shotcrete or concrete mix. Both gunite and shotcrete mixtures contain smaller aggregates (rocks) when compared to concrete mixes, which have larger aggregates than gunite and shotcrete. Gunite hoses are "dry mix" which means that the gunite contractor or pool builder is using the hose to convey dry (or damp) material through the hoses. The typical gunite hose coupling includes up to three pieces, threaded end, flanged end and collar (wing nut with threads) all threaded together by hand and attached to the hose with a series of elevator bolts, nuts and washers.

Gunite hose - Gunite hose coupling
Gunite hose - Gunite hose coupling

If a wet-mix hose is determined to be in need of a re-couple, it has to be done before or after the job, at a qualified shop/warehouse that can perform the re-couple. If the shotcrete contractor is on the job and determines that a couplings or hose itself are not-up to-par/suitable/adequate/safe for the job, then that contractor would need to have a complete hose assembly ready to swap out on the job because they dont have the option to re-couple on the job. This is not the case when it comes to dry-mix gunite material hoses.

The gunite contractor or gunite pool builder has the option of recoupling gunite hose on the jobsite. Gunite couplings are bolted on to the hose so they can be taken off and put-on as much as necessary. Gunite couplings can be changed with the use of basic tools and do not require the use of any advanced machinery or taking in for service at a shop/warehouse. If the gunite contractor or pool builder decides a gunite hose is not-up to-par/suitable/adequate/safe for the job, they can easily make a change with the turn of literally a few bolts per each coupling. The gunite contractor or gunite pool builder can even cut off a short section of gunite hose if it's worn out and re-attach the gunite hose coupling.

Gunite hose couplings offer the gunite contractor and gunite pool builder a clear advantage of being able to react quickly on the jobsite if a hose recouple is needed. Because the gunite hose couplings are designed as a DIY product, contractors can swap, switch, replace or ditch the couplings to their hearts' content, as much as they want. That translates to "no down time," "built-in efficiency" and ultimately adds up to dollars saved and dollars earned by keeping the gunite contractor or gunite pool builder up and running continuously doing what they do best - building gunite pools, concrete structures, making concrete repairs and all the other amazing creations that are possible in the world of gunite.

To learn more about gunite hose couplings, see the GSW hose couplings we have available.

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